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Most people following this program for diabetes reversal eat two main meals of mostly vegetable and beans plus a light breakfast. That means they usually eat a breakfast consisting of about 300 calories and then about 400 to 500 at lunch and again at dinner. Because type 1 diabetics are on insulin, they should eat approximately the same amount of calories at each meal and stay with three meals a day.

Some people claim that more frequent eating speeds up the metabolic rate, and a faster metabolic rate facilitates weight loss. This is a myth. Eating more frequently or eating more calories will not change metabolism sufficiently to make up for the increase in calories. If eating less made you fat, then anorexic people would be the heaviest. Of course, overweight people naturally have slow metabolic rates. That was a favorable genetic inheritance to enhance survival for most of human history when food was not as plentiful as it is today. A slow metabolism means a person can comfortably eat less and not get too thin. Actually, a slower metabolic rate means one is aging slower too. Therefore, if you are a naturally heavy person, you have been given a survival gift. A slower metabolic rate is only a bad thing in today’s toxic food environment, not the food environment that has existed for most of human history. You can still have a long, healthy life free of diabetes and heart disease. It is just that you are designed efficiently and can handle lots of physical activity without needing too many calories.

People on this diet style are actually amazed how satisfied they are with fewer calories. Since they are getting so many micronutrients, they feel great, have more energy, and definitely are not suffering the same hunger cravings often felt on most restrictive diets. You can eat abundantly from healthy foods and still not overeat calories.

The only safe way to enhance metabolism is exercise. Supplements, green tea, caffeine, metabolic boosting herbs and supplements, drinking hot or cold drinks, or packing yourself in ice do not play a significant role in weight loss.